The Image Shoppe's Lake Michigan Beach Guide

Greg Smith


Throughout my professional career, I’ve helped businesses across various industries tell their stories—including nonprofits, technology and architecture firms, commercial publishing, and more. As a former business owner, I’m a natural-born leader, creative thinker, and ideator with experience in content writing, editing, and design. I love pulling all these threads together to help brands build their stories and strategies. My passions for traveling, lifelong learning, and storytelling fuel me to become a better client manager and colleague every day.

Staff Particulars

Huntington Beach, CA (but Boulder, CO is like a second hometown—where I went to college, met my wife, and most of our family lives now.)

Doing the right thing isn’t usually complicated, just hard. Work hard at doing the right things, and they get easier. Never be afraid to do a few, hard, right things—when you do, most everything else will sort itself out.

Business Philosophy:
Simplify everything: the product, the story, the execution. The best businesses are the easiest to understand. Complicated brands are not only confusing, but often a crutch used to avoid making hard choices about what they want to be.

Tools of the Trade:
Eyes and ears first and foremost. A willingness to travel to see and listen. Pen and paper. A whiteboard. Then, and only then, an iMac and MacBook with Scrivener and Adobe Creative Suite.

Writing, reading, painting, traveling, outdoor sports, wine, and spending time with family.

Van Morrison, Ella Fitzgerald, The Chieftains, Jethro Tull, Pink Martini


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