The Image Shoppe's Lake Michigan Beach Guide

Karen Tracey

"Express-it Perfectionist"

Lover of detail dedicated to the expression of perfectly sculpted communications.

I have spent my 25-year career in a variety of industries both non-profit and for-profit in the Marketing Communications field. In each of the positions I have held, my responsibilities covered a wide range of disciplines from Art Direction, Public Relations, Media, Copywriting and Event Management. Having spent my entire career on the client side prior to beginning my own design firm in 2000, I “jumped sides” with an intimate understanding of exactly what the client wants and needs. This insight gives me the ability to really “get” what a client wants to communicate, and to use that ability to generate effectively targeted communications, both verbally and visually.

Staff Particulars

Grand Rapids

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Design Philosophy:
Color and fonts speak volumes. Choose them carefully… the world is listening.

Tools of the Trade:
Mac, PMS Chips, Caffeine

Mixing colors in everything from paint to lipstick, Worshipping the sun, Hot Yoga, Zumba, Changing my Hairstyle

Changes with my mood: Patty Griffin to DJ Mark Farina to Gaga to…


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