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Mar 18, 2021

3 Easy Steps to Writing Great Social Copy That Sells

It’s Monday morning—time once again to write posts for the week. You’re sitting at your desk, cup of fresh-brewed coffee in hand, staring at your screen, ready for a flood of inspiration to flow through your fingers to the keyboard, and… crickets. We’ve all been there. Deciding what to write about and how to make it engaging can be daunting, to say the least.  

The most important factor

Truth is, the text attached to your posts is one of the most important factors in engaging your audience. Copy is what gives your brand its personality. Specifically, there are two important factors to consider:

  1. Voice This is where you form your identity. Keep it consistent and make it unique to your business. Ask yourself: How do you want to be perceived?
  2. Tone What is the context of the situation? Are you responding to a customer complaint? Celebrating a success? You want to keep the voice consistent, but tone has the freedom to change.

How do you write great copy?

Great question! It all boils down to social listening and diligent research. You simply cannot relate to an audience if you don’t know who they are, what they like to do with their free time, what they read, watch, listen to, and what drives them, for starters. We’ve boiled it down into 3 bite-sized steps.


A great way to reach your audience is to take your detective skills to the modern-day streets, aka the internet. Here are a few places you can tune in and listen to—or join—conversations your current and potential customers are having online:

  • Customer Reviews – Read up and see what your audience is saying. What tidbits can you pull to create content that will resonate with your audience? Google and Yelp are common go-to’s.
  • Reddit – When in doubt, hop on Reddit. There are endless threads on every topic you could ever dream of. Search your industry and then scour for holes that your company can fill.
  • Direct Communication – Talk directly to your customers/clients by sending out a survey via email or create polls on Twitter and Instagram. Social media now offers plenty of opportunity for interaction. Use it!


The first step to writing is putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). This is where you take all that great research you just found and toss it back onto paper. Here are some loose rules to follow:

  • This is Round One – Allow it to be messy, jumbled and disorganized.
  • Don’t Stop Writing – Jot down whatever’s floating around in your head. After scouring the internet, you should trust your newfound knowledge on the topic.
  • Find the Gems – When there’s nothing left in your mind, seek out the gems of content hidden between the lines. Those typically become the heart of your posts and will be carried into step 3.


After you’ve found your content gems, hop back in the saddle—well, office chair—with the confidence that you know who you’re talking to and what makes them tick! This step is all about condensing and shaping your message for your audience.

  • Speak Directly – Remember that you’re speaking directly to your customer/client. It’s not just about what you say, but how you say it.
  • Make it Relatable – Your audience needs to directly relate to your copy. If you’re writing to a younger, hip audience, use the slang they use; if you’re writing to attorneys, use legal-speak; to a CNC machine operator, don’t be too esoteric; and so on.
  • Call for Action – More often than not, you are writing these posts to encourage your audience to take some kind of action. You can ask them to subscribe, buy, sign up, etc. What's important is making the call to action clear, simple, and quick to get to.

Now let’s put it to the test!  

Go ahead and take five minutes and write that post. Go ahead… we’ll wait for ya.


Time’s up! How far did you get? Do you like what you wrote? If you struggled, or if it’s just not quite what you hoped for, do a little more research. If it went well, keep revising to see if you can make improvements and really dial into your audience. If you’re still stuck after all that, we’ve got your back here at The Image Shoppe. We have decades of experience writing strong, effective copy that will deliver—no matter what your goals are.  

The Image Shoppe can help you write engaging copy!

We offer many services to support and lift up your brand, including content marketing. Our content-first approach allows us to dive deep into the heart of your brand and understand what you need to bring value to your audience.  

We write copy for websites, campaigns, annual reports, blogs, social media, paid ads and much more. Plus, we will enhance your content for SEO to capture as many eyeballs out there on the web that need to see it. So, if you’re ready to take the next step in creating killer copy, connect with us and we will deliver results tailored to meet your goals.

Want to dive deeper into copywriting? Check out this awesome resource!

Copywriting: The Definitive Guide

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