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TIS Clients 2016
Nov 22, 2016

Credit Where Credit is Due: Thank You, TIS Clients & Vendors!

The current state of today’s world may feel tumultuous, but in times like these, I find comfort in going back to basics—remembering my values. My work and hobbies bring me so much joy, but most importantly, the amazing people in my life are who make it all worthwhile. Maybe it’s due to recent events, or the fact that Thanksgiving is just a few days away, but I’ve been feeling particularly thankful lately—thankful for family, friends, my health, and the ability to work in an industry I love, with clients, colleagues and vendors who I admire and appreciate. 

So here we are, getting back to the basics. Since the world can use an extra oomph of kindness, the TIS team and I would like to take the time to thank some of the people who’ve made a significant impact on our lives—both in and outside of work. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

616 Tribe

I have the good fortune to work and interact with the entire team at 616 Lofts, Development and Places. I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with the 616 Tribe collectively as well as individually—a rarity in this industry. Every member of the 616 Tribe is readily available if I need them and vice versa. A big thank you to Derek Coppess, Drew Coppess, Monica Steimle App, Chantele Longcore, Jenna Morton, Brad Anderson, Mike Skukalek, Matt O’Connor, Dave Lefere, Jeff Olsen, Colin Schiefler, Mike Vanderwoude, and the entire Leasing Team.


Guy Bazzani let me be a part of the creation of Local First, one of the most important movements and organizations in which the TIS team and I have been involved. He is a great friend and mentor, and I’m so grateful to have Guy and the Bazzani team as a client and friend. Thank you, Bazzani.

BHS Insurance

TIS is fortunate to have BHS Insurance as both a vendor and a client. In the rare circumstance that I need to communicate with our health insurance provider, Ann Somero always answers our questions quickly and accurately. It’s such a relief to know TIS has an experienced and dependable partner on such a technical and complex system like health insurance. As a client, Greg Heeres is always a pleasure to work with. Thank you Ann, Greg and the BHS team.


I’m really thankful that Cat Spradlin enjoyed working with the TIS team enough to ask us to continue working for her when she switched companies. Without her, we would not have had the wonderful opportunities of helping to develop the Bronte brand and referring us to other clients. Thank you, Cat.

City of Grand Rapids

TIS has had the awesome opportunity to work with James Hurt through the City of Grand Rapids on projects that have a positive impact on our entire community in sustainability, including recycling and refuse and the S.O.R.T. program we developed, which debuted at ArtPrize 8. Working directly with the city allows us to engage with our greater community and be held accountable with our responsibility to the people of Grand Rapids and our planet as a certified B Corporation. Thank you, James.

Clark Communications

Craig Clark of Clark Communications has been our trusted, long-term public relations expert for TIS for a long time. Over the years, he's supported many of our clients when launching their businesses or introducing new products or services to the market, and always do a great job getting the media's attention. He's also been a key partner in large-scale promotions in our collaborations with projects for the City of Grand Rapids. Thank you, Craig.

Control Solutions

Mike Hendricks trusts us to do what we think is best for the Control Solutions (CSI) brand, and provides us with the resources to support these efforts. Establishing a client relationship like The Image Shoppe’s relationship with CSI is rare and does not go unappreciated. He’s not only a client we can count on, but has also become a great friend. Thank you, Mike.

Design Edge Sign Company

We’ve been working with Tom Brown and Travis Brown at Design Edge for over 10 years now, and since day one, they’ve been our invaluable, go-to resource for all things signage. They always come through for us and our clients—both in a pinch and well in advance. Design Edge is a true ally. Thank you, Tom and Travis.

Epic Presence

Casey Meehan and Josh Dumas of Epic Presence are two of the most reliable folks we’ve had the pleasure of working with at TIS. This team has some brilliant content ideas and exceptional execution of that content, and has been a great resource to myself and TIS in our SEO work. Their door is always open when I’m in Chicago, which I really appreciate. Thank you, Casey and Josh.

TIS and Essence

Essence Restaurant Group

Essence Restaurant Group has been around since the early days of TIS, one of the first groups we ever worked with and continue to work with today. I’ve learned much of what I know about the restaurant business today thanks to James Berg, truly one of the best restauranteurs in the region. He, Pat Wise and Lauren Jaenicke have allowed us to push the edges for the growth of each of the Essence brands including Grove, Bistro Bella Vita and The Green Well. Thank you, James, Pat and Lauren.

Event Garde

Both a client and strategic partner, Aaron Wolowiec and Cally Hill of Event Garde are awesome to work for and work with, through and through. It’s very aspirational to see how they execute their business, and we’re truly grateful that they trust is with their clients and vice versa. Thanks for all you do, Aaron and Cally.

Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters

As creatives, caffeine is absolutely essential. As a business owner, a coffee delivery service is one of the best and most unexpected conveniences I could ask for. Craig Patterson and the folks at Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters keep us happily caffeinated and productive with their delicious product. Their willingness to accommodate TIS with a sustainable packaging option goes to show how customer-oriented they are in how they run their business. They have a great brand story, too—which we love, of course. Thank you, Craig and GRCR.

TIS, Local First & Bazzani

Local First

After helping get Local First up and running, I’m thankful that Elissa, Hanna, Amy, Mieke, and the rest of the Local First team still allow me and the TIS team to be a part of this movement for supporting local. We definitely wouldn’t have become a certified B Corporation this year without them—truthfully, many of the B Corps in Grand Rapids wouldn’t have gotten to where they are today without the encouragement of the Local First team. For that, we are especially grateful! Thank you, Local First.

Logo Products

We’ve assigned Gary Brey Jr. and the team at Logo Products with several challenging projects and product executions for both TIS and our clients. From apparel like clothing and hats to other tchotchkes like coffee mugs and coasters, Gary and his team always work hard to ensure we and our clients get what we need regardless of the hoops they need to jump through to get it done. Thank you, Gary.

Photographers: Chuck Whitman, Bob Newman & Matt Oberski

Beautiful photography is an essential part of telling a brand story. Both Bob Neumann's and Chuck Whitman’s experience and professional skills, as well as Matt Oberski’s raw, rookie talent, have been critical in order for us to create effective websites, print and digital collateral. These guys have can-do attitudes, are always willing to work their schedules around the needs of TIS and our clients, and consistently deliver high-quality work. Thank you, Chuck, Bob and Matt.

Printers: AllQuest Print Services & Printing Productions, Inc.

We work with a couple truly fantastic printers—Joe Lawrence of AllQuest Print Services and Shawn Wylie and Heidi Shepard of Printing Productions Ink (PPI). Joe is one of our newer relationships, but he always thinks of innovative ways to attack production issues and expenses, and helped us come up with a great solution for our biz cards that allowed us to have compostable cards with a substantial feel. He’s always on time and price-effective for our small-to-mid-sized clients. Shawn and Heidi of PPI consistently work hard to meet tight deadlines for our clients and are always easy to get ahold of and communicate with. They offer a variety of products and services in the print world that we've utilized for client and TIS projects. Thank you, Joe, Shawn and Heidi.

TIS and PriorityHR

Priority HR

Jim Cox, Kristi Clemens and the Priority HR team go out of their way to make sure that TIS is always in compliance in the office, guiding us to thoughtfully handle the human resources side of our business. Jim and Kristi are both great friends of The Shoppe. Thank you, Priority HR.

Savage Consulting

Karen and I had the fortunate of meeting Trina Savage and Carlo Artana of Savage Consulting during a recent trip to the Cayman Islands for Bronte. After Cat of Bronte introduced us to Trina and Carlo, the TIS team has been able to work with Savage on various projects for businesses in the Cayman Islands, which has been nothing but a pleasure and a great learning experience. Trina and Carlo are wonderful to work with. Thank you, Trina and Carlo.

United Bank

United Bank really delivers a simple, personal banking experience. Doris Drain and Eric Moulton make our banking experience extremely easy and always take care of us whenever we need help. The folks at UB are all genuine and more than willing to work with their customers—which is always a huge relief. Thank you, Eric and Doris.

X Ventures

From day one, the TIS crew and I have worked with Chip Bowling and Diane Dusendang to create something truly unique at X Ventures. The XV team is very open-minded, always up for new ideas, and consistently work to deliver a better product and brand experience to their customers. With the addition of Shelby Reno on the team, we've been able to work together to produce some really high-quality work. I'm grateful that they've trusted TIS to manage the growth and evolution of the X Ventures brand. Thank you, Chip, Di, Shelby, and the entire XV team.

Again, we can't thank our fabulous clients and vendors enough. It's because of your trust and loyalty to TIS that we're able to do what we love to do, day in and day out. I encourage you to take the time and thank all those people in your life you truly appreciate. You just may make their day.

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