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Moving Tips
Aug 3, 2017

7 Moving and Packing Tips to Make Your Move As Efficient As Possible

As y'all know, TIS made the big move last week from Grand Rapids' Uptown neighborhood over to the West Side. It was a day-long affair (and then some...) and PHEW, we're still low-key exhausted from all the commotion last Friday. Despite our exhaustion and still needing to put some things into place, we're extremely happy with how efficient and relatively simple the move went... well, as "efficient" and "simple" moving an office of nine can be, anyway.

So, how exactly did we efficiently accomplish this move, you may be wondering? Here're some handy-dandy packing and moving tips to ensure your next big move—whether to a new apartment, house, or office—goes smoothly!

Set a budget for your move.

Moving isn't just physically and mentally demanding, it can also demand quite a bit of money! Make sure to set a budget before you begin the packing/moving process. Take into account how much you want to spend for packing materials (boxes, tape, etc.), movers (if you can swing it), new décor, art work and furniture, updated stationery with your new address, and any other odds and ends. Getting as specific as possible with each item will help ensure you stay on-budget throughout the moving process rather than just setting an overall budget, so keep that in mind.

Make a floor plan of your new space ahead of time.

Karen was absolutely amazing during the pre-move process and diligently worked on a floor plan for our new office. Translating the vision for your new space from your mind onto paper will make the actual packing and moving process run much smoother than if you were to walk into your new space clueless as to where everything should go.

Once you create a floor plan that'll work, pack items together that will go in the same section of the new office, and label boxes accordingly so there's no confusion while unpacking. This also allows you to move the heavier items and furniture once,  immediately to their proper place—with only the need for a few minor adjustments, ideally.

Also, make a list of all services you need to connect/disconnect.

Phone, cable, internet, water, electricity, gas, location-specific subscriptions, etc. etc... there're a lot of services and subscriptions to keep track of, especially when you've been in your current space for a number of years! Make a comprehensive list of all the services that you'll either need to cancel or move to your new space and designate one or two folks in your office to take care of those cancellations/updates before the big move. Don't forget to talk to the Post Office regarding your change of address and mail-forwarding, as well!

Hire movers!

In the past, TIS has moved without movers and it's worked out (albeit it was a huge PITA) because we were just moving across the street or down a couple flights of stairs. But when your move requires literally all of your stuff—lots of heavy, heavy stuff—and it's more than just a few feet down the road, hiring movers is a game changer.

Research reputable movers on the interwebs and ask your friends and family for an awesome recommendation. We promise you that hiring movers will be the smartest and most stress-relieving money well-spent during the moving process.

Pack up the nonessentials in advance.

You may as well get as much done ahead of time as you can, yeah? It sure did help us out in our moving process, anyway! Start packing away any items you know you won't be needing a couple weeks before the move-out. That way, you'll have a good chunk of packing out of the way and a couple days leading up to the move/the day of, you won't be scrambling to get everything packed up. This will also help ensure a more organized packing system, and decipher which items are worth keeping or not. Which brings us to our next point...

Plan to donate and recycle any outdated and unnecessary items.

Moving is the perfect time to sort through all the drawers, cabinets, boxes, and storage in your office and decide what's worthy of bringing along with ya to the new space, and what needs to be donated, recycled or disposed of (as a last resort, of course)! The longer you spend in one space, the more stuff you accumulate over the years. Only keep items that you absolutely need. If you haven't used it in the last six months, you most likely no longer need it.

Appoint someone in your office to take unwanted items to Goodwill, The Salvation Army, Comprenew, Valley City Electronic Recycling, or any other donation drop-off center. And make sure to keep a list of things you'll need to replace, like furniture, dishes, storage containers, etc.!

And seriously—HIRE MOVERS!

We can't stress this enough. Hiring movers was the best decision we made to make the moving process easier for us! The crew from Two Men and a Truck were super helpful, cooperative, careful, efficient, and never complained once. Thanks y'all for the awesome work! You were life savers during this big move.

Come check out our new digs!

We're still putting the finishing touches on our new TIS space at 756 Fulton St. W, but it's starting to come together and we're really "digging" the new digs! ; ) Come pay us a visit here soon—we can't wait to show you around!

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