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TIS Group Shot July 2017
Jul 21, 2017

#TIS Wins: July 17–21, 2017

Photo by Chuck Whitman, Whitman Photography

So summer is flying by (when doesn't it?) and with quick summers also come vacations! It just so happens that three of our TISers decided to dip out of the office this week and enjoy some much-needed R&R in Pentwater, MI, and Fremont, MI—yeah, we're lookin' at you, Rob, Karen and Mark!

Even though there's only been five of us in the office this week (aka it has been quiet), we've still been hard at work and have had our fair share of winning moments. And we'd like to share these moments with y'all because everyone needs to give themselves a pat on the back once in a while. ; )

Aaron's working on sweet functionality for Xtreme RFID's website!

TIS has been working with Xtreme RFID, a Cascade Engineering company, for nearly a year. After going through our Discovery process, brand audit, message hierarchy, and positioning exercises, we're now tackling the design and development of Xtreme's brand-new website. This week, TIS Web Developer Aaron has been working on some neat functionality for the website. Because of Xtreme's extensive line of RFID tags, this site requires a robust Products section with cookie-based filters, search, and the ability to "favorite" certain products.

Way to go, Aaron! Keep it up, dude.

Angela led the TIS gang to attend Local First's Measure What Matters Workshop!

TIS Office Leader Angela has a rich background in several areas of sustainability—beyond environmental. With heavy involvement in Local First and our B Corp-related activities and policies, Angela encouraged the TIS team to attend Local First's third Measure What Matters Workshop at Start Garden, focused on the importance of diversity and inclusion in small business. Angela, Lissa, Nat, and our intern Kendall attended the workshop this Wednesday, which featured short performances from One World Diversity and follow-up discussions in small groups and with panelists.

With a heavy focus on our diversity and inclusion policies this year (and moving forward) at TIS, this was a highly valuable event for the TIS team to attend. Thanks for initiating and organizing the group attendance, Angela!

Lissa is creating an awesome infographic for Align: The Rapid's Transit Improvement Study!

TIS recently launched the website for Align: The Rapid's Transit Improvement Study, a major project to improve the public transportation experience for current and potential riders of The Rapid. TIS Art Director Lissa has been hard at work all week on an infographic for the Align study, showcasing facts about The Rapid, how public transportation is growing in the Grand Rapids metro region, and why we need to invest in the improvement of our public transit system.

Being such a comprehensive infographic, this is a huge project that takes much time, research, design-thinking, and skill. Way to go, Lissa! We can't wait to see the finished product.

Nat was featured in Rapid Growth Media!

TIS Jr. Copywriter Natalie chatted with Jenna Morton, RapidChat correspondent for Rapid Growth Media, this week about being a young writer in the creative space in Grand Rapids. We love seeing TISers in the news! You can check out the interview here.

Great advice and insight, Nat! Proud of ya.

Troy is gearing up for the Spartan Trade Show!

In case you didn't now, TIS VP of Client Relations and Partner Troy is basically the king of trade show booth design. With years of experience designing trade show booths for Country Fresh (and winning multiple awards for Best in Show!), this year, Troy was asked to create the booth setup for SpartanNash at the Spartan Grocery/Fresh Trade Show next week at DeVos Place! This booth is gonna be pretty freakin' sweet, decked out with four, 8-ft. tall hot air balloons and one massive 25-ft. balloon. DAAAAANG.

You go, Troy! We can't wait to see the entire setup come together.

AND, a big TIS announcement coming next week!

Keep on the lookout on our blog, social media channels and in your inbox for a big announcement about TIS next week! Just wait 'til you hear the news... we're excited! Eek!

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