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Malibu, CA
Mar 29, 2017

Vacation is Calling! Team TIS’s Top Spring Break Destinations

Spring has (somewhat) sprung in West Michigan, but we still find ourselves dragging after the disgustingly gray winter we had. Last winter must not've bummed us out as much as this year, because if you recall—we decided to stick around these parts and enjoy Spring Break 2016 in GR. Sorry, Grand Rapids—but we've caught the travel bug this year and plan to get the heck out for Spring Break 2017.

Several of us TISers have already left the state (or even the country) for Spring Break—or will be jet-setting outta this piece in the next few weeks. Check below to see where we're headed now, or what some of our favorite destinations have been in spring breaks past.

Puerto Rico

TIS Spring Break Puerto Rico

Not only is Puerto Rico clearly a gorgeous island (as proven in Lissa's photo above) but traveling to PR is about as simple as can be, since no passport is required for travel, and they use US currency. It's also a small enough island that you can rent a car and drive everywhere! The convenience of domestic traveling while still feeling like a far getaway—we'll take it.

Tulip Time in Holland

Holland Tulip Time

Okay, while Holland may still be considered "West Michigan," it is technically not Grand Rapids! Plus, being right on Lake Michigan, you can still get that out-of-town feeling in this quaint beach town. Not sure where to explore in Holland? Check our Lake Michigan Beach Guide for beaches to visit Holland, and mark this year's Tulip Time festival (one of TISer Angela's favs) on your calendar—May 6 - 14!

Mérida, Mexico

Cenotes of Mexico

Rob, KT and their son Brannon are taking the ultimate Spring Break '17 trip—in fact, those lucky peeps are soaking up the sun on a beach in Mérida, Mexico as we speak! Their vacation will include gorgeous cenotes (a natural pit or sinkhole resulting from the collapse of a limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath—pictured above), Mayan Ruins, a trip to the ocean, and more relaxation and exploration. #Jealous

Costa Rica

Costa Rican Waterfall

This Central American country is nothing short of beautiful—and our Creative Director Karen's favorite vacation she's ever taken! The image above depicts an awe-inspiring, surprise waterfall Rob and Karen came across after a 3-hour hike in the mountains. Aren't those views to die for?!

Southern California


Malibu Beach

Southern Cali has so much to offer; whether you're into enjoying the great outdoors with a hike at Runyon Canyon, want to feel like a celeb walking around North Hollywood, or catch the sunset in Malibu (pictured above), SoCal has all that to offer and more! You may even see your favorite actor roaming around—like when Nat saw Leonardo Dicaprio—yes, the Leonardo Dicaprio—at LAX. *heart eyeballs emoji*

Palm Desert

Palm Desert, CA

Greg, Storyteller at TIS, is also a fan of Southern Cali—especially Palm Desert. Just look at those views from Hole 18 on the golf course! Ya can't complain there.

Upper Peninsula

Upper Peninsula

While not quite a warm Spring Break destination (the photo above was taken during the sweet summertime), Michigan's Upper Peninsula is gorgeous all times of year. Our office "Yooper" Aaron loves to go home to the U.P. this time of year and spend some time at the falls, as well as in his hometown of Escanaba and paying a visit to his dad in Iron Mountain.

Manistee, MI

Manistee, MI

The coming of spring also means the arrival of morel mushroom hunting season! Mark at TIS says his favorite spot to hunt for morels is in Manistee, MI, in Manistee National Forest. He also recommends mountain biking in the Udell Hills on the North Country Trail and walking on the beach at Magoon Creek County Park.

Hutchinson Island in Ft. Pierce, FL

Ft. Pierce, FL

There's nothing like spending time in a beach town with family and friends—like Hutchinson Island in Ft. Pierce, FL. TIS Client Manager Troy and his family would frequent this destination throughout most of his childhood. They spent much of their time on this beautiful pier, where they would walk, fish and watch the sunset.

So, what's your favorite Spring Break Destination!?

We shared our favorite Spring Break getaways, now we want to hear from you! Where're you headed (or wish you were headed) for Spring Break '17? Share with us in the comments below!

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