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Digital Marketing Services
Feb 23, 2021

What is a Digital Marketing Audit From The Image Shoppe

Your digital marketing presence has always been a critical component in your success as a business. Why? Because upholding key best practices in marketing allows your company to be seen and trusted by your target audience as a legitimate player in your industry, and a brand they’d like to invest their time, money, and resources into.

That critical need has only become more critical amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

People have more at stake when it comes to investing in a brand—from aligning with their morals and values to possibly having a different financial situation, or needing a stronger sense of security and trust.

With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to have your digital marketing presence on point. Being a small, local business ourselves, we understand that any bit of support and guidance can make a world of difference for all small, local businesses when it comes to their marketing efforts, especially in the digital space. 

Teaming up with a true champion for Grand Rapids businesses

Team TIS partnered with Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc. (DGRI) at the beginning of the pandemic to create an online database and resource for Grand Rapids-area businesses (local and non-local), called Love Local GR. We supported them by designing and developing this website, as well as maintaining the database of businesses and the latest information on the services they were providing throughout the pandemic.

As the local economy slowly began to open back up, Andy Guy, Chief Outcomes Officer, called on The Image Shoppe to once again partner up to offer Digital Marketing Audits for interested Grand Rapids businesses—providing insight on the current state of the health of their search engine optimization (SEO), website content and functionality and social media presence.

We began offering these Digital Marketing Audits in August 2020 and have offered invaluable insight to several Grand Rapids businesses of varying industries. Here’s a glimpse into our process and our main findings.

"Our partnership with The Image Shoppe has been fantastic. Offering the digital marketing insights to our downtown Grand Rapids businesses have been invaluable to the growth and optimization of these businesses during the pandemic. We really appreciate the generous expertise and support for the downtown GR community from The Image Shoppe!"
- Andy Guy, Chief Outcomes Officer

How it works: Digital Marketing Assessment

The Objectives

When mapping out the intentions and process for these Digital Marketing Assessments, DGRI and our team were very intentional to ensure it was a seamless process for the client and for our internal teams that offered valuable takeaways for participating brands.

Our goals with the Digital Marketing Assessments are simple:

  • To provide an understandable, non-biased evaluation of GR businesses and their digital marketing presence using our proven digital toolset, expertise and decades of experience
  • To provide a clear rating system to easily identify high, medium and low priority items
  • To provide a valuable and actionable assessment of the digital brands, including a presentation and a PDF with recommendations

The Process

We designed the application, reporting, presentation and follow-up processes to be seamless for all parties involved: participating businesses, DGRI and TIS.

We won’t get into the nitty-gritty details of the internal process—but here are the details you’re actually curious to know about. 


Step 1: Research
Our team members begin by considering the important information completed in the client’s application and then dive into researching and assessing their digital platforms: Google and AdWords performance, website and social media presence. We also take competitors into consideration.



Step 2: Assessment
Next, our digital marketing team reviews and assesses the client’s digital collateral, providing observations, a score of 1–5 (one being the worst, 5 being the best) and any recommendations for improvements. The elements we assess for each digital media include:

  • Web: Website build, content, navigation, consistency, calls to action
  • Google/Search: Organic performance, Google My Business, Domain authority, organic SEO, organic performance, AdWords, backlinks, SERP performance, listing management, website speed
  • Social Media: Calls to action, content, COVID-19/current events, follower/engagement ratio, follower/comment ratio, like/comment ratio, messaging, voice/tone, consistency

Step 3: Presentation
Once we complete the assessment and compile it into a report, our team of digital experts presents our findings to the client via Zoom with a Keynote presentation, encouraging time for discussion and questions in between segments and at the end of the presentation. The presentation and recommendation files are emailed to the client by the next business day.


Step 4: Reflection
A few days following the presentation, Team TIS sends a survey to the client to garner feedback about the process, the presenters, the audit material and the quality of recommendations they received.

"We greatly appreciate the time and efforts TIS put in to assess our current marketing channels. When they presented their results to us, each category was broken down well so that we had a clear understanding of what they feel we do well & in which areas they feel we need improvement and the guidance to do so."

-Audit Participant

Common Trends & Findings from the Digital Marketing Audits

There are several common trends we’ve noticed across the audits we’ve completed thus far that we recommend ALL business owners take note of—whether you’re a Grand Rapids business or not.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Shortcomings in Businesses

1. Missing, outdated, or hard-to-find COVID-19 services/operational changes

It’s crucial to add any changes in your operations, including hours, capacity, availability, services, etc. during the COVID-19 pandemic, even as economies are opening back up.

2. Websites lacking in clear objectives and calls-to-action

Make sure your website has a clear purpose. What do you want your visitors to use your website for? Education, booking services, online ordering, inquiring for a quote? Make the purpose front and center, along with noticeable and enticing calls to action buttons or forms.

3. Failure to utilize Google My Business features

Keeping your hours, details, photos, location information, menus, etc. up to date on Google plays a major role in your customer’s ability to find you and engage with you properly. It’s also the best way to win some brownie points with Google for organic search.

4. Inconsistent, generic blanket social media strategy

We noticed that many businesses are just posting to post, with no clear purpose or message, or posting very inconsistently. Consider the unique value your brand brings to the table and showcase that on social media—as long as you can commit to up keeping the platform regularly!

5. Inconsistent, non-hierarchal messaging online, on websites, and in social
This means that most brands have inconsistent content on their various digital platforms. It’s important that your content looks and sounds the same on your website, in your business listings, on social media and beyond, to build trust with your audience and brand recognition in your industry.

How do your Digital Marketing efforts compare?

Consider the questions above and put your brand’s digital presence to the test. Do you have the necessary COVID-19 information easy to find on your digital channels? Does your social media strategy reflect your unique brand personality? Is your Google My Business listing up to date with the most recent information?

While these updates and self-auditing take time, the investment and corrections based on your findings are worthwhile to increase your digital presence and effectiveness in reaching your current and prospective customers.

Interested in receiving your own digital audit from our digital marketing experts at The Image Shoppe? Click below to complete the application.

"It was very apparent that the TIS team each had their individual area of expertise. When they presented the audit results to us each one of them had a thorough explanation of the guidance they were suggesting. Clearly cumulatively they work very well as a team!"

-Audit Participant

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