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TIS Cheers 2015
Dec 29, 2015

#Winning: The Best of 2015 at TIS

It's hard to believe that in just two days, 2015 will officially be behind us and we will be welcomed by a new year. This was quite the year for us at The Image Shoppe; we saw a lot of change, growth, and success. Of course, there were failures along the way, but there are too many badass victories to reflect on that we just had to share. To close out 2015, the TIS crew shares their biggest wins of the year.


I have three biggest wins for 2015: Nailing the Google Map API functionality, implementing KCRC's map feature, and learning Expression Engine 3.0.


I'm kind of new to the game, so every successful project that I've contributed to is my personal win.


I love that I was able to introduce new systems like Gather Content into our workflow to allow our team to work more efficiently!


My biggest win of 2015 was the new web design for The Green Well.


There were so many wins this year, but most gratifying for me is that moment when one of my staff—who I have invested time, heart, and soul into mentoring—enjoys a proud moment. It could be a logo a client is in love with, a brand that is lived to its fullest, a brilliant content plan, or a neat, new web tool; regardless of its form, when they win, I do too.


I love that I got to develop logos for several of our clients this year, as well as the outdoor signage for 616 Lofts' new properties at 820 Monroe and 740 Michigan.


The finished product of the KCRC logo is my biggest win for 2015.


Since I'm just one year out of college, my biggest win of 2015 has to be landing a job that I absolutely love. I work with some of the most talented, good-hearted people I know, and I'm so thankful for that!


I think it’s really hard for me to say there is just one project, or one thing, that's a "biggest win." Seeing KT grow the design team, adding Sean to my team, seeing Troy develop clients that have been in the pipe for years, and really creating the outcomes that people want… that is the stuff that makes me feel like “we” are winning.


I'm still new to the TIS crew, but my biggest win has to be how quickly and how well I've adjusted in the office in just 8 weeks of being here. I'm looking forward to an awesome 2016!


With the help of our great team, I was able step into a project that was already in progress and manage one of the most challenging client projects we've had. Working together with Aaron, Karen, Eric, the rest of TIS and the client, we tackled every issue that arose and found a solution. Ultimately, the client was happy and through all the ups and downs, the project was a tough win for all.

What were your biggest wins of 2015? Take the time to review the year by writing down your accomplishments and recording what you'd like to accomplish in 2016. You got dis!

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