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Case Study: Bistro Bella Vita

Rebuilding lost sales with a 20th-anniversary rebrand and solidifying a large team around the brand's Big Idea.


TIS has worked with Bistro Bella Vita as their brand marketing ally for almost 20 years now. In 2016, we took them through our comprehensive brand-marketing process as worked through a strategy for their 20-year brand refresh. It was important for Bistro to remain a relevant dining option in Grand Rapids—all while getting their team on board with a new direction and holding onto its long-time customer base.


Increased sales year over year since launching the rebrand in Fall 2016.

Annual organic web traffic increased by 17% from 2017 to 2018.

Designed a modern, clean logo and visual brand language to reflect the values of providing exceptional dining experiences and approachable, Modern French & Italian cuisine.



After being in business for nearly 20 years, Bistro Bella Vita was considered a legacy restaurant in Grand Rapids, yet in need of brand alignment and refresh to remain a relevant dining option—without disrupting their long-time customer base.


The Image Shoppe conducted an in-depth discovery into this well-known establishment that included in-depth market research including employee and customer surveys, mind-mapping sessions with leadership and strategic research and coaching. All this resulted in a recommendation to update the logo, narrative and voice, website, promos and print and digital collateral to align with the new direction in order to increase relevance, and ultimately, sales.


After the rebrand officially launched around the restaurant's twentieth anniversary in Fall 2016, Bistro has seen stabilization and consistent growth from its roots as one of the first few legacy establishments in downtown Grand Rapids offering exceptional cuisine, beverage and dining experiences.