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Case Study: Centre for Pure Skin E-Commerce Website

Customizing an e-commerce platform to allow for a simple yet robust, user-friendly online skin-care product store

"The store is going really well! It has already paid for itself for the year in the first two weeks. The e-commerce option you recommended works so much better for the business and literally saved us $8,000 based on quotes from other third-party e-commerce companies. Huge win for us.” –Julia Weston, Aesthetic Marketing Manager


With a high demand for skincare products at Centre for Plastic Surgery's office, their Marketing Manager Julia saw an opportunity to offer the Centre for Pure Skin (CPS) shop online. CPS' main goals in this venture were to make the transaction process both user-friendly for customers and easy to track and transact from an administration side. After discussing their needs and objectives, Team TIS recommended an e-commerce platform that had the features and options they needed to streamline their process, offer more options than previously available and expand product sales. TIS worked with CPS to set up the solution on their website with CPS' team being able to perform most of the platform set-up themselves, which will help with long-term self-administration of the store and keeping profit margins up.


Many of the other e-commerce options researched were either too robust or didn’t have enough features to fit CPS' needs. The chosen e-commerce platform offers a mix of baseline features for launch as well as more robust features they could grow into, making it the perfect choice for their first online store.

Our initial setup of the store allowed CPS to edit and manipulate the site to their custom needs and didn’t require much upfront staff training.

The chosen platform allows CPS to offer quantity discounts on orders, custom shipping options and brand-category options of their choice.

CPS quickly learned the platform and is managing the e-commerce solution themselves, with TIS being ready and willing to help when needed.



Finding an e-commerce solution that allowed CPS to sell skin care products online, categorize brands and integrate with their current point-of-sale for better tracking.


TIS recommended and provided technical, consultative and development assistance in the implementation and launch of the e-commerce shop on the CPS website.


CPS customers can conveniently order their skincare products online and CPS reaps all the benefits of keeping their customers on their platform, managing the inventory/shipment of products and maintaining a marketable audience of happy customers. A win-win for all!