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Case Study: Event Garde

Communicating the ‘Learn. Network. Transfer.’ Concept Simply & Effectively

“TIS takes the time to understand me and my business and effectively transforms my message into a succinct, consumable, beautiful package.”

-Aaron Wolowiec, Event Garde Founder


Working closely alongside award-winning leader Aaron Wolowiec and his talented team, TIS had a clear understanding of the Event Garde brand and mission, but recognized that this was not always the case with their audience. Event Garde called on TIS to modernize and tighten the brand to effectively communicate their brand promise to new and existing clients.


Scrollability and ease of use allows for more client leads

Streamlined proposals from 16 pages down to 2 pages

Easily consumable web content eliminates need to verbally communicate Event Garde’s services and offerings

Integration of the blog and e-newsletter creates cohesion between different communication channels

Featured News adds credibility and validity to the effectiveness of Event Garde’s services

True reflection of Event Garde’s brand and culture with repetition of ‘Learn. Network. Transfer.’ concept



Event Garde had established a solid brand since its inception in 2011, but recognized it was time to evolve and elevate their brand—but were unsure how to do so. Working closely with TIS since day one, we helped Event Garde transform their words and ideas into a cohesive story that’s easily understandable and can be executed across various platforms.


TIS developed, designed and implemented a comprehensive website for Event Garde that consolidated and simplified the organization’s services and key benefits into one clean platform, creating brand cohesion in a one-stop shop.


An impactful brand that association members across various industries know they can count on to learn valuable practices to successfully grow their business/organization. Event Garde’s updated and refined brand identity facilitates a complete understanding of what Event Garde does, drawing in more clients. Additionally, the concept of ‘Learn. Network. Transfer.’ makes a lasting impact amongst the public, and is easily taught and applicable no matter a client’s industry.