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Case Study: Good For

Creating sub-brands for an already established local organization to have more access to do good in the community.


The Image Shoppe helped long-time allies Local First create a new brand to extend the ability to signal the good that all the companies in our community are doing—whether locally owned or not. It was critical for this brand to coordinate with Local First as well as the umbrella People First brand that we developed for the organization, enabling them to extend its reach to include companies that are globally or nationally held as well as nonprofits. Our work included logo creation, brand snapshot, messaging, website, digital and print display ads, campaigns, sell sheets and more.


Designed a logo to appeal to a broad base of constituents from large corporations to smaller startup businesses, all of whom are interested in doing good in their communities.

Designed and developed a modern, clean, responsive website with a CMS for staff to easily update content.

Worked with Local First to develop a strategy through discovery and mind-mapping sessions with both their internal team and external stakeholders to ensure we established the correct direction for the organization and development of the new brand family.



Local First wanted to extend its work in supporting the triple bottom line philosophy by offering a way for more companies to show the good they are doing in our communities, regardless of whether or not they were a locally owned business.


Through a series of in-depth mind-mapping sessions with various stakeholders from the organizations and several of its constituents, TIS was able to determine a direction for the organization that would offer the best results for the current entity (Local First) as well as the new organizational structure that would include an umbrella brand and the three sub-brands under that umbrella: Local First, Good For Michigan and Impact Investing.


Local First still thrives with its 900+ membership and the new organization Good For Michigan has opened up the opportunity for any business or organization to showcase the good they are doing in their communities. The umbrella brand, People First, has given the group a one-stop location on the web for funders to learn about the brand. This has streamlined the grant process for Local First and has increased reach without losing its strong brand equity.