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Case Study: My Personal Credit Union

Doubling auto loan sales month-to-month and tripling year-to-year with an effective digital marketing campaign.

“TIS helped us get our ‘No payment for 90 days’ promotional message consistently in front of prospective car buyers during those four months, greatly increasing traffic to our website. This, along with another initiative, allowed us to have some of our strongest auto loan months in years!” -Joe Beckwith, Marketing Director


Auto loan volume had been relatively flat and, in an effort to increase applications, our long-time ally MPCU launched a “90-day No Pay” campaign on May 1, 2018. In addition to in-branch and direct-mail promotions, MPCU partnered with TIS for the development of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that leveraged Google Search, Display, Retargeting, Facebook, and Bing channels. Utilizing a conversion-optimized landing page, TIS developed dynamic search ads on Google to drive potential customers to the campaign landing page. Visitors that did not convert via form-fill were remarketed across the Google Display and AdRoll Networks. Facebook advertising was also utilized using lookalike audience targets.


Doubled auto loan sales from May 2018 to June 2018.

Tripled auto loan sales from July 2017 to July 2018.

Click-through rates over 2% in the highly competitive market of auto loans.

Over 850,000 ad impressions across Google Search and Display, Bing, AdRoll Retargeting and Facebook.



The auto loan vertical on Google is very competitive with significant bid pressure coming from national brands and regional banks. An effective bid strategy was required to optimize spend and maintain above-average click-through rates.


The campaign advertising goal was to raise awareness for MPCU and generate leads via loan inquiries. TIS crafted a cost-per-click bidding strategy that included Google automation and manual optimization and an AdWords-optimized landing page visitor list click-through for retargeting across the Google Network. TIS also leveraged AdRoll retargeting and Facebook retargeting with various types of display advertisements.


New and used car loan applications doubled from May to June and total loan volume tripled in July when compared with the same period the previous year.