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Case Study: The Mill

Key partner and advisor in a multi-year development project covering brand strategy and creation.

"We're a startup with a big vision, a complicated project and a very small staff. The Image Shoppe has become an invaluable, trusted member of our team, providing a level and breadth of branding, marketing and PR that we could not possibly achieve on our own."

-Jackie Koney, Chief Operating Officer


The Image Shoppe and Paper City Development, LLC have been working closely together since 2018 to restore, revitalize and brand the former Lee Paper Mill in Vicksburg, MI: The Mill at Vicksburg. This multi-year project is possibly one of the most involved projects we’ve ever been a part of, starting at the systems level by assisting with local, state and federal governments for approval and funding, and then supporting community engagement during the construction phase.


Built a strong brand narrative early on in the project to evolve as the project progresses, and for different audiences

Distilling down large, complex portions of the project to be more understandable for appropriate audiences, and modifiable for different presentation formats

Evolving the brand and message hierarchy throughout the duration of the project to remain relevant and appropriate for each phase

Maintaining a brand narrative and identity while working through intricate systems with all levels of government, village residents, county officials, organization officials, business owners and operators, and more



The Mill at Vicksburg project is extremely intricate, with several checkpoints and milestones to reach throughout the project. Our team was challenged with the task of creating a brand narrative that could be flexible to evolve for audience, platform, and each phase of the project to distill this complex information in the most understandable and compelling way possible.


Serving as one of the project’s primary contractors, The Image Shoppe is responsible for all brand and marketing efforts, with brand narrative and storytelling at the forefront. Other pieces we’ve created to support the brand include:

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Print and digital materials
  • Copywriting
  • Website design and development
  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Public relations coordination
  • Merch development and design


The Mill has successfully gained full support for the project at the local and state levels, with a strong brand narrative/message that can pivot for various audiences, project phases and communication channels.