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TIS worked with the Mackenzies Bakery team—an asset of the larger revitalization project of The Mill—to create an elevated retail experience in Vicksburg, Michigan. When the former MacKenzie’s Bakery in Kalamazoo closed its doors, owner Chris Moore purchased the bakery and brought it to the Village of Vicksburg. TIS worked with Paper City Development, architects and designers to coordinate the new, elevated brand in tandem with the interior design and exterior historical renovation.

Partnering with The Mill at Vicksburg and Paper City Development to create the first elevated retail brand in the Village of Vicksburg.


Worked with the Mackenzies and Paper City Development team to define the brand building blocks: mission, vision, core values, big idea, target audience, brand promise and value proposition for their Brand Snapshot.

Created a revitalized, elevated, modern brand for Mackenzies Bakery based in a sound brand strategy with a beautiful logo, signage and wayfinding, uniforms, merchandise promotion and more.  


Developed an elevated message hierarchy and brand narrative to position the bakery in the Village and trained staff in a brand workshop to help execute the brand on the ground floor.


Maintained harmony between an elevated experience and a craft-based local, small-town business that appeals to both village residents and bigger-city visitors.


When Chris Moore, owner of The Mill at Vicksburg, heard about the old MacKenzie’s Bakery closing in Kalamazoo, he decided to bring this beloved bakery to his childhood hometown of Vicksburg. The new Mackenzies Bakery would be the first retail business that Chris would own and introduce to the Village, so he wanted to ensure it was a success.


It was important to him that the bakery represented an elevated retail experience that one might find in bigger cities, like his current home in Seattle, while also appealing to Village residents as an inviting, small-town business where they would feel comfortable and welcomed.


We carefully crafted a narrative, messaging and visual language that would ensure folks had an exceptional, elevated experience with every visit to Mackenzies while also making them feel welcome to encourage return visits.

We also worked closely with the architect, construction and interior design teams to ensure the physical element of the building coordinated perfectly with the brand elements.


Mackenzies Bakery is everything we hoped it would be—from the gorgeous interior retail space and signage, to the delightful smell of fresh-baked bread, warm service and beautifully branded items including packaging, uniforms, merchandise and so much more.



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