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It all starts with brand.

Your brand is your image in the eyes of your customers, and in today’s market, it can be a battle to keep it bright. You need an ally to create and manage your brand—that’s where TIS (aka your brand ally) comes in. 

The Image Shoppe is a full-service branding agency—whether that's a new brand or a rebrand. Your brand is our business, and we bring the best on your behalf: insight and skill, creativity and processes. Our scope is broad and our experience is deep in a variety of industries and disciplines. Your brand deserves to be understood from every angle, have access to every tool, and be managed on every platform that makes good sense for you. As your brand ally, TIS can take you in the direction you need to succeed.

Over decades, we’ve developed a four-stage system that revolves around your brand image: Discover, Create, Produce, Manage, Measure/Retool.


In this stage, we drill deeply into what your customer needs to know and believe about your brand. Developed over decades, our discovery toolkit audits and assesses your brand’s current position, while rationally and intuitively drilling down and unpacking where it needs to go in the future.


Next, we develop a verbal and visual language to tell your story. Harnessing decades of systematic and creative experience, we deliver imagery and language that captures your audiences’ eyes and ears.


Then we construct brand assets in your language on the platforms and channels that your customers pay attention to.


And finally, we use tools and processes to monitor your brand image, measure its success, respond to evolution and competition in your market, and retool approaches as necessary.

Any of our services piquing your interest? Let us know how we can help! Drop us a line below.


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