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Content marketing is just that—marketing that involves the creation and sharing of relevant and branded content (e.g. blog, videos, photos, copy, social media posts, etc.) to promote a brand’s services or products. All content that is created for your brand must be strategic, well-thought-out, purposeful and valuable for your audience.


It all starts with copy. While some firms may think that design drives content, it truly is the other way around. At The Image Shoppe, our process whole-heartedly follows this philosophy and we consider ourselves a content-first digital marketing company.

A content-first approach DOESN’T mean that we wait until every word is written before we begin the design phase of your project.

What that DOES mean: A content-first approach ensures that content strategy, architecture, concept and copy direction are set prior to the design phase. This ends up SAVING us time which saves you money in the long run. By committing to the content-first approach, we’re able to do and achieve the following for our clients:


  • Reduce project rollout delays caused by underestimating the content production challenge (by thinking about content in good time)
  • Save time and budget designing and building functionality and templates that fail to handle real content
  • Make smarter, content-focused design decisions for a better user experience

Copywriting Process

Our Copywriting services begin with one-on-one discussions with the subject matter experts (SME) of your company and any other relevant personnel to distill the critical information for your project. We conduct additional research beyond these interviews and then once we’ve collected enough information, we begin the drafting phase. We ensure all copy is written in your brand voice and is also optimized for search engines.


After the first drafting phase is complete, we bring you in the loop to review and recommend edits/changes. By using our trusted tools, the writing collaboration process between The Image Shoppe and our clients is smooth sailing from start to finish.


​Your blog serves many purposes on your site: it establishes you as an expert in your field, helps you connect with your target audience on common problems and relevant topics, and aids tremendously with SEO—making it a critical component to content marketing. No matter your industry, running a blog works in your favor… as long as you can maintain and update it consistently.

The Image Shoppe has experience running every aspect of our clients’ blogs in a variety of industries—including lifestyle brands like hospitality and property management as well as technical companies. From blog strategy and goal-setting to content-calendar creation, research, copywriting, SEO and promotion, our team can handle all aspects of managing your blog to reach your KPIs.

Social Media

Not only do we have plenty of experience with the strategy and digital marketing side of social media—including ads and promoted posts—but we’ve also been managing our clients’ social accounts on the content side for upwards of a decade. The Image Shoppe is a trusted social media content creator for a multitude of industries. From social graphics to content-calendar creation, caption writing, profile updates, reputation management and more, we have a streamlined process to keep your social channels on-brand and engaging with your target audience.

Graphics, Photography & Videography

While copywriting is a major component of your content, you need supporting visuals to effectively drive home your message to your target audience—like graphics and infographics, photography and videography. Our team of graphic designers has created graphics and infographics for a variety of industries, covering both the simplest and most complex of concepts. We also have in-house capabilities to produce high-quality images and video for social media and blogging purposes and have access to many of West Michigan’s top photographers and videographers for larger projects like websites, print pieces and advertising.

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