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It all starts with copy. This is definitely no case of “Which came first: the chicken or the egg”… while some firms may think that design drives content, it truly is the other way around. At TIS, our process whole-heartedly follows this philosophy and we consider ourselves a content-first brand marketing firm.

A content-first approach DOESN’T mean that we wait until every word is written before we begin the design phase of your project.

What that DOES mean: A content-first approach ensures that content strategy, architecture, concept and copy direction are set prior to the design phase. This ends up SAVING us time which saves you money in the long run. By committing to the content-first approach, TIS is able to do and achieve the following for our allies:

  • Reduce project rollout delays caused by underestimating the content production challenge (by thinking about content in good time)
  • Save time and budget designing and building functionality and templates that fail to handle real content
  • Make smarter, content-focused design decisions for a better user experience

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Let us say—the process runs even more smoothly when you hire professional writers (like TIS) to do the copywriting for you, regardless of the medium.

Copywriting Process

Our Copywriting services begin with one-on-one discussions with the subject matter experts (SME) of your company and any other relevant personnel to distill the critical information for your project. We conduct additional research beyond these interviews and then once we’ve collected enough information, we begin the drafting phase. We ensure all copy is written in your brand voice and is also optimized for search engines.

After the first drafting phase is complete, we bring you in the loop to review and recommend edits/changes. By using tools our trusted tools, the writing collaboration process between TIS and our allies is smooth sailing from start to finish.

Any of our services piquing your interest? Let us know how we can help! Drop us a line below.


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