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As a brand marketing firm, of course, the creative side of our business gets us super pumped. Whether it’s designing, sketching, writing, or even just brainstorming, we all identify as “creatives” in one way or another here at TIS. The Creative part of marketing is what brings your brand to life in fun and unique ways.

Once we undertake your brand through the Branding and Strategy stages and determine that Creative work is part of your needs, we may prescribe a mixture of the following Creative services:

Web development

The web has its own challenges in representing your brand consistently and effectively. Our tested experience in web design and development turns that challenge into a creative, compliant and memorable opportunity for you and your audience.

Digital design

The world wide web is full of marketing and design opportunities. Whether it be web design, digital advertisements, social media or email, Team TIS has years of experience at creating engaging digital designs for brands of various industries.

Content development

It all starts with content. Well-curated—including copywriting, images, videos and more—is what communicates and upholds your brand’s mission, vision, values, messaging and positioning to your target audience.

Logo design

A logo is like a brand’s pride and joy. It serves as the initial visual representation of your brand—who you are, what you stand for and how your target audience perceives you. After taking a deep dive into your brand, our design team works together through the sketching phase all the way to final digital design to create a brand mark that you’ll love.

Print design

Far from dead, print can provide an audience with a very tactile and personal experience. We do it right by producing beautifully designed, content-rich layouts in the best medium for the intended message and audience.


Outdoor signage, interior signage, bus wraps, wayfinding, you name it and TIS has most likely designed it. Signage is one of our favorite things to create for our allies. Our designs will speak to your brand in a creative way

Trade shows

An undoubtedly daunting part of business, trade show planning and prep is something that we have over a decade of experience executing for clients. Team TIS has created booth layout designs, signage, supporting materials and much more for companies in the food industry, technical industries and more.

Campaign Development

This is where the real fun comes in! We undergo the complete campaign development process—from strategizing to conceptual brainstorming, creative production, execution and analytics. Team TIS has experience creating and executing successful campaigns for brands across several different industries and on various mediums, including digital, outdoor, social media, print, direct mail and more.

Any of our services piquing your interest? Let us know how we can help! Drop us a line below.


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