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Marketing Audit

The Digital Marketing Audit

Digital audits are a necessary component of every business in order to move forward with continued success. Engaging a fresh perspective on your brand helps you understand what you're doing well and where you could improve. Our auditing process shows you what you get when you choose TIS as your marketing partner.

The Process

Our digital marketing audit covers three areas of your digital marketing presence: website, social and SEO performance. We provide an outline of results for each area including key findings and recommendations on next steps to improve your overall online presence. After we present our findings, we email a report along with a no-obligation quote from TIS if you choose to pursue work with our team of marketing experts.

Website Audit

Usability and readability are top concerns for website performance. User experience (UX) is determined by the ease of finding relevant and timely information and the level of satisfaction in consuming that information. Your website acts as the central hub for all owned content, making it your most important digital asset. Our website audits focus on the design and development of all aspects of the site through the eyes of an average user. Our top areas of focus include:

  • Brand and consistency Your content and messaging need to stay consistent from page to page.
  • Content Fonts, colors, imagery, messaging and the voice and tone all add to the user experience and reflect your overall brand image.
  • Navigation Don’t frustrate your user with bad navigation; keep it simple, consistent and intuitive.
  • Call to action The goal of every business is to create conversions; without a call to action, you’re reducing the chance of interacting with visitors and meeting goals.
  • Build standards The last thing a user wants is a slow loading, browser-incompatible website. We help you follow best practices.

Social Audit

Social media has become a major player in user search and experience for brands. TIS analyzes your social media efforts through each platform to search for compliance with best practices, including:

  • Calls to action Customers must be led to complete direct tasks every so often to help achieve business goals.
  • Content All content—video, photo, text, etc.—must be posted consistently to remain relevant in the ever-changing social landscape.
  • Current Events Customers should be informed about relevant major changes/updates.
  • Follower/engagement ratio Social algorithms are constantly changing, but a good rule of thumb states that those accounts with higher engagements are more likely to be seen.
  • Follower/comment ratio Comments are a good indicator of social health and are key to understanding if you're providing value and interest to your followers.
  • Like/comment ratio Both visuals and messaging are important in social posts; content must be visually appealing, and messaging must be engaging.
  • Messaging Plan ahead and understand what type of content your business should be posting.
  • Voice and tone Both go hand-in-hand in keeping brand consistent throughout all channels while presenting a more personal, human connection.

Digital/SEO Audit

Let's face it—digital is dominating the world. A user’s first impression typically comes from their initial online search of your business. We structure our digital audits from the user's perspective in order to understand what they experience when discovering your business online. TIS provides direct analyses of how well you perform in these areas:

  • Google My Business Your location(s) should be maintained to remain relevant in search rankings.
  • Domain authority Is your website worthy of showing in top search rankings?
  • Organic SEO How well are you using keywords to appear in relevant search rankings?
  • Organic performance Are you appearing in searches without the help of paid placements?
  • AdWords What does your current strategy look like and how can it be improved?
  • SERP performance How high does your website perform during searches?
  • Listing management Are you taking advantage of all listing capabilities and maintaining consistency?
  • Website speed Slower websites are less likely to show in search rankings. We can suggest practices to improve your website speed.

You finish the audit process with a thorough overview and recommendations on how you can improve your company's digital presence. We’ve helped many West Michigan businesses grow and advance their marketing strategies. Is it your turn?

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