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Our team digs in to really understand who you are, so we can do what we do best—create a brand that speaks to you and your target market. Our broad scope and deep experience in a variety of industries ensure we understand your brand and product or service from every angle so that we can choose the tools and platforms that make the best sense for your success. As your holistic branding partner, TIS will take you in the direction you need to succeed as an authentic brand and stand out against your competitors.

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Brand Management

Brand management is an important aspect of any business, big or small.

It is the process of creating and maintaining a certain image of your brand in the market. You must ensure that the appearance you keep up is favorable to your customers and authentic to your vision. After all, you want to stand out from the competition! With such a complex process, it’s important to have a team of professionals you can trust to help you manage every aspect of your brand, every step of the way—from brand placements and public relations to brand image and brand assets.

Brand Strategy

A brand is much more than just a name or logo.

It is the emotional connection that customers feel when they interact with any aspect of a company. We want our clients to empower customers and make them feel like they are part of something bigger than just a purchase. Our TIS team can craft a brand strategy that will help you become memorable in the eyes of your consumers—from defining organizational alignment and mission/vision/values to developing marketing plans, setting objectives, creating visual and narrative messaging and overseeing advertising and promotional activities.

Social Media

TIS provides strategic social media expertise.

And works with you directly to create an emotional connection with your audience. With the marketing efforts of our digital experts, we create content calendars and posting schedules based on your goals. We can provide guidance or fully manage your social accounts.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs differentiate you from the competition.

Almost 70% of consumers say their loyalty is difficult to maintain with all of the choices out there. As an agency that provides loyalty system management and data management, we can maintain a database of customer information, track their history, compile them based on their demographics and help with the design, development and system integrations. We can also recommend pricing, type of program and frequency of the rewards based on engagement and customer type.

Email Marketing

Email still reigns the most effective marketing tool for your business.

We help you speak directly to your core audience. From account setup to copywriting and scheduling marketing campaigns, TIS can keep your target audience engaged and loyal.

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We bolt on as your holistic brand marketing partner and take the time to fully understand you and your goals so that we can create relevant, authentic brand messaging around your product or service that reaches your target audience.

Our experts in digital marketing strategy help you drive traffic online through search engines and achieve—or even surpass—your key performance indicators (KPIs), providing a valuable return on investment.

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From logo design to traditional marketing, our creative work gets us super pumped because it's the part of marketing that brings your brand and visual identity to life in fun and unique ways.

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As specialized branding experts, we create and manage your brand marketing strategies to ensure the highest level of care and consistency across all platforms.

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As a leader, you get to choose how you manage change; but you don't have to navigate it alone. We’ll help you figure out what's next and create a comprehensive brand strategy.

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We’re branding and digital marketing experts with a process that works and a commitment to the triple bottom line. We work hard to be the go-to resource for companies with compelling stories to tell.



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