Is WordPress right for my business?

To WordPress, or not to WordPress?

Every now and then we get a WordPress site through the Shoppe. Here is a great article that details the cons of developing a website in the WordPress CMS. While this article was written 4 years ago, it is relevant because WordPress is still built on the blog foundation and today’s content management systems are not only more robust, but easy to implement and very user friendly.

This topic always causes a bit of stir in the development community. One big argument that pro-WordPress developers tend to use is that it’s easier to implement a site on WordPress, thus a time and money saver. With CMS-driven sites being the mainstay these days, there are several CMS options that are less time consuming for building a custom site rather than starting with a WordPress template. 

So what's the difference?

At The Image Shoppe, we develop our sites in ExpressionEngine (EE). Our former developer was once asked why creating an EE site is better than using WordPress, and he said, “EE assumes nothing. WordPress assumes you are building a blog.” You don’t want your website to assume anything about your business. A custom website will be built from the ground up and can be scaled based on the growing needs of the business, something WordPress cannot achieve as easily. This is one of the most important reasons to not use WordPress among quite a few others, as mentioned in this article.

Other CMS options

This topic seamlessly introduces our recent use of a flat CMS called Statamic. This is a database-free CMS that offers another option for a quickly built, scalable, custom website for small businesses. Our first Statamic website comes with the launch of the Se4sons Gastropub website. We look forward to seeing how it performs.