Now Hiring! Why you should have an Employment page on your company website

If you’re looking to fill an open position, there are many channels in which to advertise from LinkedIn, Indeed and Glass Door, to other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram that have specific formats for job postings. While these are all excellent channels, there’s an obvious one that you may be forgetting, perhaps the most important of all… your own website!

Why should I have an employment page on my website?

Simply put, your company’s hiring page goes well beyond a listing for your open positions—it’s your secret weapon (as likes to call it) that you can leverage to attract job seekers to apply for one of your open positions.

More times than not, studies show that you’re more likely to attract higher-quality, more values-aligned talent on your website than you would on a job board or third-party platform. And when you hire the right fit the first time, everyone wins—your team, your new hire, your time, and your company’s resources.

Career vs. Job

You want to hire someone who sees this as more of a career opportunity versus just another job. Posting career opportunities on your website shows potential candidates that this isn’t just a paycheck—this is a career with a brand to get behind, upward mobility, and a culture to become a part of. More on that below.

Company culture

Utilize your Employment page to tell the story of what it’s like to work for your company. This is something you can’t properly or creatively show on a third-party platform. Images of your team, work examples, even video can showcase what it’s like to work for your company in a fun, creative way—from the “average” workday (if there is one) to core values, business philosophy, work approach, and your quirks. ; )

Your unique differentiator

There may be a hundred other firms in your industry, but there is something unique about your brand that will attract that one special job-seeker. Your Employment page is the place to put that front and center to attract more candidates.

Plus, there are cold-hard facts 

Beyond the ability to put the benefits of working for your company front and center, according to, an Employment page:

  • Will have 70% less cost-per-hire than leads generated from a third-party job board
  • Will attract candidates that are 60% more likely to be a graded “meets or exceeds expectations” in a performance review than candidates coming from a third-party job board
  • Experience 12-month turnover of nearly 50% less than candidates hired from a third-party job board

You can’t argue with those facts!

What NOT to include on your Employment page

Creating an Employment page isn’t a total free-for-all. Here are things to avoid when creating your Employment page.

Not providing detail beyond your job openings

A bullet list of your job openings isn’t going to cut it. As we mentioned above, really take advantage of this owned asset as an opportunity to provide detail of your open positions as well as your company as a whole.

Using stock photography

One of the biggest things job-seekers look for is to know who works for you and what the office environment is like. Stock photography will never paint an accurate picture of how your company actually is. Don’t be generic; opting to invest in photography of your own crew is well worth it.

Leaving out the WHY

Your company’s WHY for being in business—and your employees’ WHY for working for your business—should be front and center to ensure you’re attracting the right people to apply.

Feeling lost? Lucky for you—Team TIS can help!

Creating your own Employment page from scratch may seem like an overwhelming task. That’s where your Brand Marketing Ally comes in.

What TIS can do for you:

We will work with you to create content in your voice that shows why someone would want to work for your company, as well as any assets—photos, videos, testimonials, forms, digital strategies, social posts—you may want to utilize to spread the word.

In addition to creating content for your Employment page and appropriate assets, we're also happy to assist with:

  • Job board copywriting, posting and advertising on platforms such as Indeed and Glassdoor
  • Social media copywriting, posting and advertising on platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Digital ads including display ads, Google ads, retargeting, and more
  • Landing pages, if recommended by TIS

Contact us to get started on your Employment page!

We’ve worked with allies on creating their own Employment pages with help from tools like an online pre-screening application process that clearly communicates their organization’s WHY and delivering an application process that is simple, non-intrusive and easy-to-manage.

If you're looking for a way to set your company apart from your competition and to promote and hire the best candidates, contact us today to set up a consultation so you can start recruiting on your own website.