Building a powerhouse cannabis brand and adapting to the ever-changing rules of the industry.

TIS supported 3Fifteen by consolidating seven cannabis brands under single ownership into one solid, powerhouse brand. Alongside naming the brand, creating the logo and visual identity, and developing all messaging, narrative and voice, we also built a digital marketing platform, app, loyalty program and interior and exterior store signage. We also acted as their Fractional CMO for eight months to help them build and structure their marketing team, manage their public relations and vendor management infrastructure, and help them pivot to online sales during COVID.


Benefit Summary

  • Quickly transitioned in-store sales to online ordering and curbside pickup fulfillment model in response to COVID
  • Worked with operations to develop store signage standards for both interior and exterior signage and wayfinding for all 11 stores
  • As Fractional CMO, discovered and filled gaps in marketing process and flow, created marketing team structure, developed online reporting tools and metrics and took over and managed promotional activities while working directly with operations
  • Launched a new website with upgraded UI/UX that institutes ongoing data analysis


The Challenge

This rapidly growing retailer had 7 different brands operating under single business ownership and desperately needed a unified brand and message for all its stores to better manage store assets, sales and marketing.


The Solution

We created a unified brand for all 7 stores that included a new name, logo, brand foundation (mission, vision, values, brand promise, narrative, strategy), a master store signage plan, merchandise and all marketing activities including deals, promotions, outdoor campaigns and social media management. We also quickly pivoted all stores to an all-online retailer during COVID, which hadn’t existed prior, with a website that allowed them to do online sales for all stores.


The Result

  • After the brand consolidation, 3Fifteen successfully grew to 11 stores under the new brand across Michigan and an offshoot brand in Missouri with multiple stores
  • We supported the first Rec delivery offering in metro Detroit in our partnership with Lantern
  • TIS CEO and strategist Rob McCarty served 3Fifteen as Fractional CMO for 8 months and continued to offer consulting services through the sale of the business
  • Skymint purchased 3Fifteen and is currently keeping the brand operational for the time being