Sustainability Series: Brand Marketing and the Triple Bottom Line

Team TIS is kicking off 2017 by focusing on an incredibly critical and relevant topic today: Sustainability. During the month of January, we'll be exploring the subject of sustainability and how it affects different aspects of our industry. You'll hear from 4 TISers on topics ranging from sustainability in design, office habits, packaging, and more.

Why put sustainability at the forefront?

As a Certified B Corporation, we have to take sustainability seriously, but really it's who we are at the core as business owners, community members, and advocates here at TIS. I can recall back to what started me down this road about 15 years ago like it was yesterday (which I discussed in a previous blog post), and ever since then, it's been simply a way of life.

I wouldn't change a thing, nor could I. I hope to continue learning and growing and finding ways to become a better advocate—for our clients, our community and our planet. The fact of the matter is that we only have one planet, and we currently need 3.9 to sustain our habits. Clearly, something has to be done.

Becoming more sustainable, together.

Whether your goals are to become one of the growing B Corps here in Grand Rapids or simply to just implement a few changes to help lower your footprint on our planet, this series will provide some helpful pointers for you.

We hope you will learn something new that you can incorporate at the office or at home to become more earth-friendly. Also, we feel we learn best through sharing, so please pass along any ideas you have. Share your tips in the comments section below, or send me an email directly.