Hold Up… Facebook Cover VIDEOS?!

We all know that social media can be a pain in the butt sometimes, but it is pretty amazing to see how rapidly the capabilities of various social media have evolved over the years—especially on Facebook. And as much of a pain as good ol' Book-Face can be, we tech/marketing geeks at TIS get pretty revved up when they roll out a new feature that we can play around with… like cinemagraphs for FB cover photos!

That's right… Facebook now supports Cinemagraphs for cover photos!

Although Flixel reported this new feature back in May, we haven't seen much buzz about it up until now—but were stoked to stumble upon this news! For folks who don't know, a cinemagraph is a still photo with just a couple elements of the photo having motion—sorta like a gif, except cinemagraphs can also be saved out as different video formats.

Facebook's support of cinemagraphs for cover photos is an awesome compliment to their rollout in late 2015 of the Facebook profile video, instead of only supporting a profile photo. Sometimes ya just need a little motion to add some pizzazz to your profile!

So what're the deets?

Before you get started creating your own cinemagraph for your personal or business page, there're a few things to note…

  • Uploading Facebook videos/cinemagraphs is easy—the same process as you would upload a cover photo!
  • Cover videos can be 20–90 seconds in length
  • Recommended size: 820 x 462 pixels
  • Cover videos auto-play and auto-loop
  • Cover videos begin playing with the sound muted, but there's a mute/unmute option in the bottom right corner
  • Most Facebook Business pages are still waiting to see this update (TIS's Facebook page is still waiting for this update, as well!)—so keep on the lookout for it!

Try it yo'self!

Interested in creating your own Facebook cover video/cinemagraph? Check out this how-to video by Flixel to get started! Even if your Facebook Business page doesn't have this capability yet (as most don't as of now), you can be ahead of the pack once the feature becomes available! ; )

If you'd rather leave the work to the professionals, shoot us an email and we'll help your business out in creating a kickass cinemagraph for your Facebook Business page!