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As the top agency serving small and mid-sized businesses in and around Grand Rapids, our goal is to help you achieve growth and success. Whether you’re a retail shop, restaurant, bank, car dealership, insurance agency, legal assistant, medical facility, pharmacy or any other type of business, our Digital Strategist can get your business to rank locally for the most popular, traffic-creating keywords in your area. It’s time to earn your spot amongst the Local 3 Pack in a 5-mile radius of your business—all within six month.

What is the Local 3 Pack?

The Local 3 Pack is the holy grail for SEOs looking to rank amongst the top three results on a search engine page. Both Google and Bing present these results on mobile devices—even before paid advertising and national results. It is the most reputable position you can achieve and our TIS experts can help you get there

Compete with Top Brands

Large brands employ internal teams or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars with SEO agencies to ensure they get top results on search engines. That makes it difficult for most small businesses who don’t have the resources to compete with these giants. The Local 3 Pack positions your business among the big dogs. When nearly 1 in 3 searches are for a location within 5 miles of the user, the local pack becomes the great equalizer for local brands who want to be positioned as a trustworthy option. For a fraction of the cost of the big brands you can start obtaining more organic traffic without breaking your budget.

Why Don’t More Businesses Rank in the Local 3 Pack?

It’s simple—many businesses don’t know about it. Of course, we all see the Local Pack when we use Google or Bing (even if we didn’t know the term for it), but we don’t really know how someone gets there or what kind of benefits the local pack brings. That’s why local search matters so much. There’s very little competition from other businesses. With minimal effort, you can jumpstart your organic traffic through local search results without massive overhauls to your website.

How Do I Rank In the Local Pack Without Changing My Website?

Only 16% of your local ranking factor is decided by your website’s content. A whopping 60% is determined by a few actions you can take today using free tools—provided you have the time and skill to use them correctly.

Google Business

Google Business is a free tool provided to any organization and affects your rankings the most (36%). By using optimized assets, keyword-rich content, regular updates and a completed, branded profile, you will immediately begin to outrank your competitors.


Reviews are the second most important factor in your local ranking. Most websites use reviews to identify businesses and services that they know will provide a positive experience for their users and keep them satisfied. Generating hundreds of 4 and 5 star reviews is a must for ranking highly on any search engine.


Citations are listings on other websites that provide search results for your business hours, contact information, location information and helpful information on amenities and services you provide. There are currently over 90 different citation sites, and your business needs an optimized listing for every single one in order for you to dominate the Local 3 Pack.


The accuracy and uniformity of your listings is crucial to SEO success. Citations (listings like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Foursquare, etc.) account for 7% of your local search ranking factor and, when broken, can prevent you from ranking top 3 on Google. Our listing management system optimizes your citations and ensures uniformity and accuracy across every single platform.

Users are encouraged to provide details about your products and services when they leave reviews. In fact, if you aren’t careful, users can change your hours of operation or even list your business as permanently closed. When you don’t self-manage your citations, user feedback takes your place. You’ll also prevent unwanted duplicates of your business that can be auto-created by websites that you didn’t sign up for. Our system identifies and deletes them, maximizing your SEO potential.

TIS Manages Your Listings

Most businesses will only have around 50 citations across the internet to manage on a regular basis, but some industries will have up to 90 or more. By spending just five minutes per listing each month, you would have over 62 hours of work to ensure accuracy, uniformity and prevent user manipulation. If you were to hire someone to do it manually for you at $15/hour, you would spend almost $1,000 each month.

100% Accuracy for a Fraction of the Price

Our system automates the listing management process allowing us to spend a fraction of the time it would take to perform these duties manually. We can optimize all of your listings with the click of a button, update your hours with ease and even add SEO value to the assets that populate your listings.

Search engines value pictures and images that they know are updated frequently and embedded with keyword-rich metadata to help connect user queries to helpful results. When you send the right signals that make it easy for your business to be found, you’ll see the impressions start to roll in.


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