Updating a trusted brand to reflect their reputation as an all-in-one service provider.

TIS led the highly reputable FTC&H through a successful rebrand, updating its logo to attract a newer generation of architects, engineers, scientists and construction professionals while maintaining the integrity of its long-standing legacy. Part of the rebrand included the official transition of their name from FTC&H to Fishbeck (which was already used by their clients and staff), aiding in their brand recognition and consistency.


Benefit Summary

  • Successful brand messaging with the incorporation of their new tagline “all in one” to describe them as a true all-encompassing service provider
  • A brand strategy that was able to capture future growth 
  • A beautiful, modern, updated logo design 
  • Updated Brand Standards Manual to help the team build out their print and merchandise assets 
  • An updated, user-friendly website with featured projects and case studies as the primary focus 
  • A multi-platform ad campaign to support the launch of their new brand and website


The Challenge

Known as FTC&H for decades, the company knew it would be critical to rebrand to visually and verbally reflect their all-encompassing approach to tackling projects as engineers, scientists, architects and constructors. Our primary challenge was creating an updated brand that would allow Fishbeck to attract new, incoming talent while still maintaining the integrity and professionalism of its senior leadership team and partners.


The Solution

TIS took Fishbeck’s leadership team through our Discovery process, which uncovered important truths about how the company would like to evolve moving forward in the coming years. Our well-researched and intentioned Discovery sessions informed our in-depth brand and marketing strategy for Fishbeck to position itself as the region’s only “All in One” service provider—leading to outputs like message hierarchy, Brand Snapshot, Brand Manual, website, ad campaign and the ultimate decision to update the brand’s logo and name.


The Result

Fishbeck’s updated brand and website more easily communicate the new “All in One” service-provider concept we created to reflect their firm’s ability to provide premier services—including but not limited to consulting, construction, engineering and architecture for businesses across an array of industries in the Midwest. In tandem, the evolved, modernized brand is more fit to attract incoming generations of young architects, constructors, engineers and scientists.