Recreating a reliable brand for this major Kent County municipality.

As one of Kent County’s largest municipalities, it is especially critical for Kent County Road Commission (KCRC) to quickly and effectively communicate the most up-to-date road information to Kent County residents. TIS implemented a brand overhaul and new website design for KCRC to best represent its honest, consistent message around their principles of safety, reliability and efficiency.


Benefit Summary

  • Improved logo and tagline accurately represent KCRC’s core principles
  • Dynamic website CMS allows for quick and simple back-end changes to keep website content and notifications up-to-date
  • The ‘Report an Issue’ feature syncs with Google Maps and is color-coded based on jurisdiction, allowing visitors to easily and accurately identify the appropriate jurisdiction to contact regarding an issue
  • Dynamic FAQ organizes appropriate Q/A per topic, allowing easy-to-find answers for visitors
  • Content-rich maps with county lines, pop-up projects and project locations allow visitors to view current projects in real-time, keeping Kent County residents and travelers up-to-date on any road closures or route changes


The Challenge

It is essential for county municipalities to carry a consistent brand in the public space to be considered a trusted entity. KCRC wanted to update their brand but was unsure how to do so without compromising recognition within Kent County. TIS took their current brand and refreshed its look and voice to remain relevant while upholding the same principles and standards Kent County residents recognize.


The Solution

TIS started with our messaging exercise to ensure strategic, memorable and consistent communication of KCRC’s core principles: safety, reliability and efficiency. Then, we crafted an improved tagline and a new, professional logo to seamlessly connect to their principles. We then created a comprehensive, easy-to-use website for both back-end users and visitors to quickly add in and locate information.


The Result

A municipality that Kent County residents can trust for the long haul. KCRC’s updated brand identity and user-friendly website consistently communicate their main communication points, core principles and allow for a more seamless user experience for the public.