Creating solid brand identities and consistent messaging with Discovery and extensive research.

TIS worked with Our Community’s Children (OCC) and The ELO Network on a gamut of branding services. In our Discovery process, we determined OCC and its partner organizations struggled with their identity and required realignment that better-communicated services and aligned stakeholders around a common purpose. Our results led us to facilitate surveys and focus groups, create updated positioning and messaging, tagline, parent logo and sub-logos, a brand manual, website design and collateral materials.


Benefit Summary

  • OCC and ELO had some confusion in their market that required us to get to a deeper understanding before setting out to rebrand ELO. We first had to take a deep dive with our Discovery session to determine their organizational structure and how best to communicate what their various programs offer children in our community.
  • We helped OCC define their various audiences and develop appropriate narratives and messaging for a better user experience within each organization.
  • TIS rebranded five initiatives under an OCC umbrella brand to align with the strategic direction of the organization.
  • We developed strategy and collateral materials to support the updated OCC and ELO brands.


The Challenge

TIS was originally hired by The ELO Network to help update the brand by developing a marketing plan and strategy for ELO. We quickly discovered that ELO’s challenges in messaging stemmed in part from different organizations and initiatives within the OCC program set.


The Solution

After leading the team through a full Discovery and Brand Audit, including research to realign and rebrand for better communication of services, TIS determined a common purpose for stakeholders. After both processes, we came to a solution to define the alignment of organizations within OCC. To implement these changes, we utilized surveys, focus groups and our positioning and messaging exercises to come up with a solution to eliminate brand confusion for their target audiences.


The Result

After all of our research and branding exercises, we developed a new brand family under the OCC umbrella of programs and initiatives with separate identities. We delivered OCC a new parent logo and sub-logos, a brand manual and snapshot, marketing strategy, web design and several print pieces like stationery and collateral marketing assets.